Today we will be talking about another primary colour – yellow. Yellow is largely associated with happiness, sunshine and hope. As many of the other colours yellow connotes different and at times conflicting things. As mentioned prior, yellow is the life-affirming colour of positivity, energy and optimism, but on the other hand it is also associated with cowardice, caution, sickness and jealousy.

Nonetheless yellow is the happiest, most cheerful and warm colour to use in an interior. We use it in many shades such as cream, where yellow is blended with white. Cream colour is highly popular as it inhibits the positive attributes from white and yellow colour. It is associated with clarity, hygiene, simplicity and sophistication. It is therefore a safe colour for many when choosing the colour pallet for their interiors.

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However cream colours are usually seen as lacking personality due to their popularity and subtlety. If you are planning of choosing a more pigment rich yellow such as bright sunshine, which is full of personality, you have to be cautious not to overuse this colour in the interior, because even though yellow symbolizes happiness and joy, it can have a disturbing psychological effect on people. Babies tend to cry more in rooms that have been painted yellow. People also are more prone to getting into arguments and disagreements. Nevertheless it is advised that yellow colour should be used in teenager study rooms and meeting rooms as this colour is mentally stimulating, helps with concentration, stimulates conversation and helps to clarify thoughts.

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As with other colours the effect of the colour yellow varies with its intensity and hue, therefore not all shades of yellow inhibit the irritability effect. You can use a more buttery tone of yellow in a child’s nursery. The softer shade won’t agitate the baby, but instead will promote concentration and emotive thoughts. And it is also a very gender-neutral colour and would therefore work well for both a boy and a girl.nursery (1)Source –

Another shade of yellow that is widely used in interior is gold. It is eye catching and is associated with success, prosperity, elegance and luxury. This colour even when used just with accessories will bring richness and warmth to the interior at the same time enhancing the things around it.

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Although the meaning of gold is generosity and giving, surrounding oneself with too much gold colour can lead one to becoming more egotistical and opportunistic.

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