Today we have chosen to tell you about one of the most timeless and iconic chairs created by designers Charles and Ray Eames.


Presented to the public in the late 40s, the DSW chair still to this day remains a must-have in many interior designs.

Lets start with looking at the acronym. DSW represents “Dining Height Side Chair Wood”, which means it is a wooden chair for the dining room. This chair was one of the first fiberglass chairs to be made in large volumes.

Originally this chair was created for a competition at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The goal was to produce a cheap furniture design. In 1948, Charles and Ray Eames won this award with their DSW design.

The back and seat are created from one piece of fiberglass. The seat is particularly comfortable, as its characteristic shape, which is similar to a pocket, fits the human body perfectly and provides good support for the back. The feet are made of wood and metal cross bars with the design of these legs being inspired by the Eiffel Tower.


The simplicity and functionality of its design make the DSW an essential element of interior designs as the chair can be used in any type of interior (contemporary, Scandinavian style or old-style…). DSW chair is a safe choice that will make your home beautiful! :


Written by chairfurniture