rocking-chair-rarIt’s Friday, we need a cuppa, a good book and our rocking chair of course.

Week has finally ended but before embracing the weekend and its beauty, why don’t you take a deserved break and focus on the most important person: you.

With our frenetic lives, it’s difficult to find the time to concentrate on what matters the most. This is why, here at Chair Furniture, we have come up with the perfect recipe to unwind after your long week at work.

Are you ready?

  • 130g of laughter
  • 1 rocking chair
  • ½ tsp happiness
  • 2 tbsp of times with those you love
  • 130ml of your favourite tea
  • 1 comfy blanket
  • 2 of your favourite books (we will go for Game of Thrones)

To serve

With extra love and care

Recipe Tips

For extra-fluffy good times,  add a slice of your mum’s cake.

Have a great weekend,

Chair Furniture

Written by chairfurniture