When choosing what colours to use in your interior, you have to not only take into account how well the colours will work with each other, the furniture and accessories, but also how the colours reflect your personality and how each colour will affect you and your mood.

Throughout the week we will update the blog with posts about different colours in interior, what they mean and how they affect us in our day to day activities. This post will concentrate on the colour red.

Red colour in itself connotes very different things. It is associated with, both danger and urgency, and with passion and romance. As an interior colour red tends to raise energy, excitement and adrenaline. When used in rooms such as living room and dining room, where you would often entertain guests, red helps your guests to create a strong first impression. A few red chairs in your interior will look inviting and will stimulate conversations between people.

redchairsSource: www.amanicoffeehouse.com

Red also increases respiratory rate and using this as a main colour in bedrooms should be avoided as bedroom is where you sleep and relax.

Different shades of red can affect you differently. For example, a shade of bright red acts as a stimulant and inspires fearlessness and courage, therefore this can be used to increase self-confidence.

redconfidenceSource: www.houserill.com

However one has to be careful, as too much red in the interior can make a person overly excited and restless.

A shade of deeper red can help with moving through your inhibitions and emotional barriers letting you live life to the fullest. The deeper shades of red, such as crimson also have to be used carefully as the overuse of the colour in an interior can make people feel irritable and evoke feelings of rage and hostility, therefore if frustration or aggression is a problem already, then this colour should be avoided as it will intensify these feelings.

All in all red has a stimulating effect and adds warmth to interior especially when a touch of this warm colour is used in a cool coloured room (blue and white, etc). Red can also be used in rooms that need warmth such as kitchen, hall, stairs and children’s’ play area.

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Written by chairfurniture