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Purple is a secondary colour created when fusing two primary colours – red and blue. It inhibits the attributes of both colours such as the energy of the red and the stability of the blue. Purple has been largely associated with queens, emperors and other royalty.

Colour purple in the nature is quite rare and it used to be hard to create this colour in the past and required around 12’000 snails to acquire only 1.4 grams of the purple dye, therefore it was only available to ones with money to spare. Many monarchs even forbade anyone other than the immediate royal family to wear purple coloured clothes making the association between this colour and royalty even more prominent. Purple therefore mostly connotes royalty, wealth and elegance as well as calm, creativity and wisdom. Due to purple encouraging imagination and creativity, it would be an excellent choice for a meeting room.

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As with any colour one has to be careful not to overuse purple in the interior as it can cause irritability and impatience. One can choose a more blue hue of purple which is slightly cooler and creates a calming and serene environment like the blue colour, yet the red in purple helps to eliminate the chilly effect that the blue might create. The calming and warm effect would be perfect for the bedroom.

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A purple colour with more blue hues in it will have the most calming and serene feel, yet purple colour dominated by the red hues is more passionate and warm. However the more reddish purples, if overused, can look flashy and cheap. Nonetheless, when used carefully the maroon and burgundy colours are an excellent addition to the colour pallet of a living room.

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When purple is used with the colour yellow in the interior they complement each other and create a balanced yet daring statement. Try adding yellow accessories, textiles or pieces of furniture in your purple room to compliment and create an elegant feel to the room.

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