Knowing the positives and negatives of colour in interior allows us to make the right decisions with colour pallets not only from the aesthetic viewpoint, but also the psychological as colours in the designs can have strong effects on us. In this week’s post we will evaluate and look at colour orange.

This colour is created by blending the primary colours red and yellow. Red gives orange its energy, whilst yellow – happiness. The calming effect of yellow helps reduce the aggression and fierceness of colour red. Orange therefore is associated with joy, warmth, enthusiasm and expression. Because it is such an energetic and helps promote excitement and heightens sense of activity it would be a great addition to the colour pallet of your exercise corner.

Orange has also got anti depressive properties as it is a cheerful and fun colour and decreases hostility and irritability. It is therefore often used in rest homes. Due to being a happy and active colour, orange would also be a good choice for a teenage child’s room. The vibrant hue of orange reduces self-consciousness and allows someone to express themselves with confidence, therefore making it one of the main colours to consider when redecorating a child’s or teenagers room.

An additional benefit of colour orange is that it stimulates mental activity and promotes oxygen flow to brain. It therefore is can be used in learning environments such as classrooms, university lecture halls and meeting rooms.

It has also been observed that orange colour stimulates appetite and is a popular colour used in advertising and restaurants to promote feeling of hunger and contentment. Incorporating orange in your dining room or kitchen will promote appetite.

Written by chairfurniture