1. Colours

Natural colours and softer pastels are always a favourite when it comes to decorating as it embodies the classical feel. But this year we are seeing people put away the neutral colours or giving them a more minor role in the interior designs as more daring combinations of colour are introduced in the interior. Blue seems to occur in many interior designs this year. Deep navy/blue and the blue of Mediterranean are especially popular. These colours are very bold and paired with other colours make a true design statement. Although it is a bold colour, blue easily works with other colours and will be a safe bet for many schemes.





2. Brass

Chrome, stainless steel and metal fixtures have been growing in popularity the last few years. However, the look of worn and unpolished copper and brass have become one of the trends of 2015 and will give your home more warmth and character. You can use these metallic finishes for anything ranging from lighting and kitchen hardware to furniture and accessories. You can even make your own brass items and incorporate them in your interior.

Brass 1 - iconhousing.com

Brass 1 – iconhousing.com

Brass 4 - www.matthewburt.com

Brass 4 – www.matthewburt.com

  1. New and Old fusion

There is an interior design rule that tells you not to mix old and new together. However, as seen with brass elements in the interior, fusion of old and new will make your interior more interesting and exciting by creating stylish yet comfortable rooms. The combination of rustic/retro with contemporary/modern will make your interior the point of conversation with your family, friends and guests.

Retro1 - artdecorationcrafting.blogspot.com

Retro1 – artdecorationcrafting.blogspot.com

Retro2 - stephanechamard.marklandhouse.com

Retro2 – stephanechamard.marklandhouse.com

Retro3 - www.bravacasa.rs

Retro3 – www.bravacasa.rs

  1. Reuse and DIY

The trend of the ‘old’ in the interior discussed above is very strong this year. Second hand and found things are being reused and recycled into elements of the interior creating a more individualistic and unique look. One can use old furnishings and give them new lease of life by changing upholstery or painting them. Some opt for making their own brass elements or finding pieces of wood and stone to create different accessories for the interior.


Reuse2 - whimsicalhomeandgarden.com

Reuse2 – whimsicalhomeandgarden.com


Reuse4 – www.apartmenttherapy.com

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