We spend a lot of our time at work. And I mean A LOT! The usual amount of time people spend at work is 8.5 hours (7.5 hours working an hour break). That’s 42.5 hours a week, 170 hours a month and 2040 hours a year. Some people do even more than that! However big the figures, this means that we spend much of our lives in the office and the surroundings and interior affect us in a certain way.

If the office interior is dull and grey than the workers will soon become negatively affected. Yet if the interior is full of life, innovation and fun than the workers will be more positively affected by this. It’s pretty simple.

Recently I stumbled upon some interesting office designs in some of the biggest companies in the world that have created amazing interior designs to raise the spirits of their workers. I personally would like to have our small office designed in one of these ways, although I have no idea where to fit in a slide or sleep pod for that matter… But nonetheless I think every office would benefit from at least a more fun colour scheme and more interesting and comfortable furniture sets.

Source : www.heimdecor.net

A little bit of a futuristic feel for this BBC Radio office design. Looking closer though I think they look like earphones. Design that reflects what your about.

Source : www.heimdecor.net

Private pods! Google never disappoints. Most of you might have seen The Internship movie with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson and we can all agree that working there would be something of an adventure every day. And in reality google looks and is this amazing in all its offices around the world. Please employ me Google!

Source: www.endandit.nl

Oh the Google Tel Aviv office in Israel. An indoor garden with kitchen. That is all.

Source: www.archilovers.com

Who doesn’t like a slide? Even in this relaxed interior design Microsoft have incorporated something a little more fun for its work bees.

Source: www.namai.lt

A play room with foosball and pool table. My lunch break would probably have to be extended.

Source: blog.ticketmaster.co.uk

Another slide. An arcade game and a jukebox. What’s not to love? Ticketmaster, you’ve done good

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